COVID-19 Serology Workplace Testing

In partnership with our Swiss accredited lab, we have validated the serology test (antibody IgG) on our blood collection device HemaXis DB10, which is certified by Swissmedic. This allows us  today to offer a complete analytical solution, from collection all the way to results.

This solution, currently offered to companies only, makes it possible to test the workforce on the employer’s premises through a simple prick of the fingertip. A health professional will be available on site and will collect the samples using HemaXis DB10. This takes less than a minute per person. And the results are, after analysis in the lab, sent back directly to the employees. It is safe, fast, easy and reliable.

The major advantage is to be able to get tested at work without disturbing the organisation, nor the employees. And to have a precise view on the staff’s seroprevalence in order to anticipate a probable second wave.

« The pandemic period we’re experiencing has forced us to find solutions and to adapt to unprecedented market conditions.  Our blood collection solution positions itself favourably in this context and can greatly contribute to help companies as they are welcoming employees back at work or to optimally anticipate a probable second wave » says Eric Ödman, CEO de DBS System.

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