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COVID-19 Serology Workplace Testing

In partnership with our Swiss accredited lab, we have validated the serology test (antibody IgG) on our blood collection device HemaXis DB10, which is certified by Swissmedic. This allows us  today to offer a complete analytical solution, from collection all the way to results. This solution, currently offered to companies only, makes it possible to test the workforce […]

HemaXis is contributing in clinical trial to better understand COVID-19

Healthcare organizations, research institutions and the whole scientific community is strongly united across the world to research the novel COVID-19 virus. One of the targets is to better understand the impact of the virus and allow us to take the appropriate actions for all populations and more specifically for populations at higher risk, which are […]

Are blood tests possible without seeing a doctor?

Conventional blood sampling Conventional blood sampling/testing involves collecting blood from an individual’s vein by a needle to perform an analysis of components within the blood. The purpose of this procedure is to look for levels of specific metabolites or other biomarkers, mostly in the case of illnesses for diseased conditions. The blood is then sent […]

Volume controlled Dried Blood Spot (DBS): A key player in personalized medicine

Dried blood spot sampling and subsequent analysis is an area that is of particular interest in relation to medicine, scientific research and the pharmaceutical industries collectively. It is a field that is growing rapidly and technological advancements are made. What is DBS? DBS is an alternative strategy for blood sampling that appears to be gaining […]

Zaragoza University uses HemaXis for Hg quantification

The group of Prof. Resano of Zaragoza University Department of Analytical Chemistry published a very interesting article about the use of HemaXis™ DB10 for the quantification of mercury in patients’ blood. The study showed excellent reproducibility for samples collected using HemaXis™ DB10. In the conclusion, the authors states that “current DBS microsampling devices show a […]

HemaXis DB 10 available at Cibesmed

If you need fully customised kits which could include device, disinfectant, lancet, plasters, envelope, etc. our partner Cibesmed (www.cibesmed.com) will be delighted to tailor a solution for you. You can send your request to info@cibesmed.com

HemaXis DB 10 application presented in the German Symposium

Frank Sporkert & Cristian Palmiere will present, during the 15. Gemeinsames Symposium der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Verkehrspsychologie e. V. (DGVP) und der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Verkehrsmedizin e. V. (DGVM) in Bonn, very interesting data on Phosphatidylethanol and driving aptitude in the french-speaking part of Switzerland, measured from HemaXis DB 10.

Joining Lyonbiopôle

DBS System becomes member of Lyonbiopôle ! As a Cluster, Lyonbiopole is the gateway to healthcare innovation in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It’s supporting ambitious projects and innovative companies in the healthcare & life sciences’ sector. Its aim is to help innovators develop new technologies, products and services in a push toward a more personalized medicine […]