Interview with DBS Systems, the revolution in blood collection

DBS System is a medtech startup founded in December 2010 and located in the Swiss Health Valley. The company develops smart solutions to simplify the life of millions of people needing blood analyses worldwide. The DBS System device brings a revolution in blood collection with its ability of standardizing samplings everywhere, at any time and by anyone. Eric Ödman, DBS System‘s CEO, agreed to answer my questions during Biovision’s event.

Eric Odman, DBS System’s CEO
How did your Background lead you to start your own business?
After my MBA at the University of St. Gallen, I began my career working for big corporations, but quickly realized that I would not be able to make a change or difference for myself or for others. I felt much more at ease in SME, where you need to be fast and accept to take on all sorts of risks. I have also seen people unhappy at their jobs for years, regretting having never grabbed the opportunity to start their own thing. Not so easy to do, but once you have taken that first step, there is no going back and very few look back on it as being a mistake!

Could you tell us more about your activity?
We are trying to revolutionize the way blood sampling is taken. It is a medical procedure that has not evolved in the last 59 years. To do so, we have introduced a smarter way to collect blood from anyone’s finger tip, which allows people to do their own tests at home, in the office, wherever, whenever, without needing doctors or labs for an analysis.

Why this idea?
Some things remain frozen in time, while their environment, ecosystem evolve and benefit from technological progress. Blood sampling, here, is a perfect example of this case. Some people like to describe what we are trying to do as business re-engineering. Regardless of these remarks, we feel it is time to sample the quantity of blood that is necessary directly from a finger tip. Let’s get rid of syringes, needles and blood tubes.

What differentiates the DBS system from its competitors?
We provide an elegant solution that delivers secured and standardized samples to the lab. We use a support that is useable in the lab and doesn’t disturb the work flow and is easily automatable. We also work on a microfluidic chip, which allows for further functionalization of our devices. We target the Pharma Industry and the clinical trials initially, but we will also aim at covering the B2C markets (individuals).

What are the next steps?
We need to strike up partnerships with industry segment leaders, in order to cover the sales and marketing activities and raise funds to secure proper production capacities.

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